Tuesday, June 9, 2009

time flies

Oh my goodness, time does fly when you’re having fun…and potty-training a puppy!

We are having the best time with our sweet puppy! Toby is just amazing.
He is super laid-back and just content to lay at our feet and chew on a toy…or sleep.

The kids carry him around like a baby…and he is just fine with that (so cute!). Of course, it won’t last long. At 8 weeks old, he weighed in at 15.6 pounds…and he has already grown a lot since then. He is going to be a BIG boy!!

The only behavior problem that we’ve had showed up his second day with us, but thankfully, it has now stopped.

That little problem happened to be with “humping”. Fun!

Turns out, it’s pretty common for new puppies as they are trying to figure out where they fit in with their “new pack” (that’s what our Vet told me…phew!).

Unfortunately, I didn’t have that valuable knowledge when Isabelle wanted to know why I was freaking out so much and telling the kids that they could NOT let him do that.

She asked me what Toby was doing. What was the big deal?

Without having a complete understanding yet (and being in a hurry), I quickly told her, “Oh, that’s just how they mate”.

What was I thinking?

Isabelle’s response…“WHAT?!? He’s trying to mate with me?!?!?”

So, trying not to laugh, I proceeded to explain to her that Toby was not trying to mate with her, he was just a little confused (clearly, I don’t think well under pressure!!).

She ran off to go play some more and came back to me a few minutes later (apparently she was still processing). In a very serious voice, she says . . .

Mommy, that is just SO gross. It’s like a man just walking into a room full of people, and walking up to some lady, and asking her to marry him!!”

Um, yah. I don’t know what I said after that…it’s all a blur.

I guess I should just be happy that in Isabelle's sweet 9-year old little brain,
sex = marriage! :)


  1. Oh kids, they're hilarious!!! Yes, I was thinking the same thing... as least she's equating it to marriage! Not at all what I thought she was going to say!

    Toby is the CUTEST and I love your pictures... he really looks like he's modeling in that first one!

    And thanks for your comment awhile back on my blog... I always blush when YOU compliment MY photography. Ha! There's still so much I need to learn. I'm trying to convince Chad to get professional photos again now that Aidan's older... but I need a recommendation! Chad said, "What about Amanda May?" Duh, Chad, where have you been??? : )

  2. OH my! How sweet that she does have that understanding of marriage...funny how she was trying to figure that out! ;)

    Such a pretty puppy! So glad he is fitting in well...and the other 'thing' will eventually pass! I remember when Skipper tried that on us 10 years ago! ha ha!

  3. That puppy is just precious! Your photos are amazing. So cute!!!

  4. Hahahha, Toby seems to be a delight!!
    He is beautiful!
    Love you!

  5. soo cute! We recently obtained a puppy that my sister found roaming the streets. I think we are going to send her to puppy school.... she has issues :)

  6. Oh goodness, I love puppies but what I really want to comment on is that precious daughter. She is lovely. What a beauty.

  7. Amanda: That has got to be the funniest story. I laughed out loud reading that. You are too funny. Glad to know you won't have to be explaining that one every day. You better brush up on your "human sexuality" talk though. Made my day. So funny.

  8. Beautiful pup & beautiful girl (inside & out)!

  9. Hi! Sorry to just drop in... I saw your comment on LPM blog, and wanted to share this link with you.

    I thought you spoke so eloquently about your feelings about The Message. You were really gentle and loving in your assessment!

    I pray the Lord will continue to guide you.

    God bless-