Saturday, May 23, 2009

checkin' in

It's been a while!

Just poppin' in to say HI to those of you who've been wondering where I've been. I'm still around. :)

I have been without my computer for the past week. Painful AND exhilarating...all at the same time!!

I have lots to share...not sure where I will start. New post coming soon!

Have a BLESSED weekend!


  1. Hey girl, I 'm looking forward to your new stuff. I know it's gonna be good.

  2. A week without your computer? I would go MAD! But maybe that's a good thing. : ) I've been having horrible internet issues (I know, with a computer guy at home, you'd think I wouldn't), so it's nice to be able to see your blog without the "operation aborted" window! Ugh. Can't wait for the new post!