Friday, March 20, 2009

r u l e s

I was just going through the hundreds (yes…hundreds!!) of pictures from Isabelle’s slumber party.

I love the poster she made for her door with the “rules”.

(Nothing like takin’ the bull by the horns right away…not sure where she gets that?!?)

In case you can’t read them, here they are:

1. Get comfortable
2. Have Fun
3. Be Your self
4. NO Gossip!
5. Make sure your American Girl dolls are comfortable

(I love #4…we’ve been talking a LOT about gossip lately! ;)

And here she is lovin’ on her new doll. So cute!


  1. She is so precious! I love her!

  2. So sweet. Number 5 cracks me up!

  3. Hi Is,
    You're beautiful. Love you sis.

  4. Thanks girls. I love my Isabelle...she is SO much fun!!! :)