Tuesday, February 10, 2009

life as art

“Life as Art” was the slogan/tagline for my photography business. I always felt like it really summed up what my objective was - creating art…from everyday life.

My clients would hire me to create artistic images of their beautiful children. Of course, once the images had been created, there were always lots of questions on how to display the artwork in their home.

I have gotten lots of requests, through the years, to share my own personal displays of photographs in my home. I never really have before. Not because I didn’t want to.
Just short on time, I guess.
Anyway, time is on my side these days, and there is no time like the present…so here goes.

Most of the images on the first level of my home are pretty small. While I really prefer large prints, I don’t have a lot of great wall space for huge prints downstairs, so I have gone with “clusters” of framed images in various places.

The thing I do love about all these small prints is the ability to “tell a story” with lots of images in one place.

These prints in my dining room are actually pretty big (20”x20”) – it’s just hard to tell.

This is just the tip of the photographic iceberg in my home (you have no idea!)...but it’s a start.

Next time, maybe we’ll head upstairs…I have lots of fun, big prints up there!

By the way, I created a design guide that I offered to my clients to help give them ideas/inspiration for displaying their photographs within their home.
If you are interested in having something like this, send me an email…I’d love to share it with you!


  1. What a beautiful home!! I love, love your decorating style... especially the brown and white in your dining room. Thanks for sharing! I DID always wonder what YOU had on your walls. Definitely show us the upstairs next.

  2. most beautiful home i've ever seeeeen!
    gorgeous girl!