Saturday, January 31, 2009

my {other} girl

Amelia Bee. My sister’s little girl. Oh, how I love her. She melts my heart!

A little over a year ago little Amelia Bee entered this world.

The emotion that took over my body when she arrived was almost more than I could bear.
I had felt this kind of love before (with my own children, obviously ;) … but it was so different to experience this overwhelming love for a little baby…without all the other emotions (exhaustion!) associated with giving birth.

I could just love her completely without all the worries that new parents experience.

At least, that was my plan . . .

Just days after Amelia was born, I flew down to California to stay for a week and “help out” my sister and her hubby as they adjusted to having a newborn.
It was my first night there.
I was all settled in, sleeping peacefully.
Until the middle of the night, when I awoke suddenly to the sounds of a crying, hungry baby.
I was so tired.
I was completely disoriented.
I jump out of bed and go running for the nursery to “help” (cause you know my sister probably couldn’t nurse her baby without my assistance).
Unfortunately, I hit a small flight of stairs that I didn’t realize was there. I went flying down the stairs and landed flat on my back at the bottom. Nice.
My very kind brother-in-law rushes to find out what all the commotion was…he finds me sprawled out on their hardwood floor.
He helps me to the nursery and I lay down on the floor right in front of my sweet sister, in her rocking chair, trying to nurse her baby in peace & quiet.
All is well until I go into a full-blown anxiety attack, right there on the nursery floor.
Oh ya. Good times. As if things couldn’t get worse.

I got through it, but I'll tell ya, it wasn't pretty!

It all worked out and they got me back to bed without any more trouble (and I even slept through the rest of the night!), but I'm sure they were more than a little concerned about what it was going to be like with my "help" for a whole week! :)

I can look back now and laugh. Actually, I was laughing about it the next day. Laughing about the fact that instead of caring for their newborn baby in the middle of the night, my sister and her hubby were fanning me, giving me herbal “tincture” for anxiety, bringing me ice-packs…and anything else they could think of.

I know they were so relieved to have my help!

Here is sweet little Amelia Bee a year later . . . laughing at her VERY silly auntie!


  1. Hi, I was crusin the LPM blog and liked your choice for scirpture memory ... anyway came by to check out your blog and you made me laugh, right out loud. Thanks, that was funny.

    And the niece. is. a. cutie! no need to say more!!

  2. Thanks for commenting, jerrann.
    I'm glad you got a good laugh out of my story. I'm not sure I could adequately convey how hilarious the whole situation was...I'm glad you got it. :)